WASTE: Where are my multi-coloured bins?

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Reading the letter about the assorted coloured bins for putting out our general household rubbish, recycling and unused plutonium waste that we didn’t get round to being used as it went past its use-by date (from UKIP MEPs, Spalding Guardian, August 21).

I am slightly bemused as was this letter meant for us mere mortals in our area as: “What bins exactly?”

As we have two breeds of plastic sacks to utilise as in non white for general waste and Robin Hood green for re-cycling, I was mystified as it would appear that some have coloured bins to use judging by the content of the seemingly well informed letter although I assume this is part of the wonderful laws handed down from those on the European mainland to keep us in check.

Now either we have missed out on the delivery of these multi-coloured bins or we are not thought highly enough of to take part in this wonderful new exciting pastime.

On the positive side I am able to report that following the latest proclamation from the said Euro-land Lets Think Up A New Law section concerning the power of vacuum cleaner motors I have decided to join in by taking four foot or half a kilo in new money of cable from the plug end so that we do not use too much electric from the socket and thus reduce the power forthwith and hope this will gladden our European masters.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End