Waste dumping flies in face of operation to clean up South Holland

Flytipping on land in South Drove, Spalding.
Flytipping on land in South Drove, Spalding.
  • Tyres and mattressed dumped as joint clearance scheme marks success
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A £60,000 assault on flytipping in South Holland has come too late for areas of Spalding and Cowbit where the problem has been found.

Tyres, mattresses, beer bottles and plastic bags were dumped on land off Barrier Bank, Cowbit, and South Drove, Spalding, despite a joint operation between councils, environmental bodies, housing associations and a prison to drive away the habit.

Flytipping off Cloot Drove, Cowbit.  Photo by Tim Wilson.

Flytipping off Cloot Drove, Cowbit. Photo by Tim Wilson.

Operation Fly Swat has resulted in about £300,000 worth of rubbish being cleared over the past four years, including 43 lorry loads of rubbish last year, according to Boston Borough Council which runs the project jointly with South Holland District Council.

But Jim Thackray of South Drove, Spalding, said: “Somebody dumped two mattresses, polysterene and a lot of other rubbish near here and when I drove round to Cradge Bank last weekend, I saw at least ten different loads of rubbish on land there.

“It seems to be getting worse and worse to the point where I drove from Crowland to Spalding, taking the old, country roads, and found old Christmas trees, TVs and ceramic pots and three-piece suites dumped under one of the bridges.

“These issues don’t seem to be getting sorted out around our once very nice town and I do believe that we need more council workers or police riding about because the flytipping predominantly takes place at night.

When you catch these flytippers, something should be really done to them like getting them to put the place back to how it was

Jim Thackray of South Drove, Spalding

“Then when you catch these individuals, something should be really done to them like getting them to put the place back to how it was.”

An Operation Fly Swat spokesman said: “Fly tipping is a serious issue in the Fenland flatlands of south Lincolnshire but, sadly, the isolated nature of many of these drainage channels makes them prime dumping ground for fly tippers.

Boston Borough Council and other agencies, including the four drainage boards which cover the area and The Environment Agency, have recognised the benefits of having a permanent fly-tip squad on patrol at a time of acute financial pressure.

“Partners who contribute to the cost of providing a vehicle, equipment and administration include Boston Borough Council, Her Majesty’s Prison North Sea Camp, South Holland District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, The Environment Agency, Welland and Deepings and South Holland Internal Drainage Boards, Longhurst and Havelok Homes and Boston Mayflower Housing Association.”

Meanwhile, a South Holland District Council spokesman said: “We urge anyone who spots flytipping to report it to us and we will send an inspector out to investigate.

“Once an inspector has determined that it is safe to remove, we aim to get items cleared within 24 working hours.

To report flytipping, visit www.sholland.gov.uk or call our Customer Service Team on 01775 761161.

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