Warning that Spalding tip will be busy this weekend

You can take your garden waste to the tip this weekend - but it may be busy.
You can take your garden waste to the tip this weekend - but it may be busy.
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Gardeners should be aware that this weekend will be extra busy at Spalding’s household waste refuse centre.

Spalding Guardian reader Maureen Drew from Holbeach contacted us to say she had been unable to dump the green waste from her garden at the Spalding tip on Sunday and had been turned away by the man at the gate.

Said Mrs Drew: “Do they not realise that this is the time of year when everyone is tidying up their gardens? I felt sorry for the man at the gate having to tell everyone this.

“The amount we have to pay in community charges (and Holbeach is one of the most expensive areas for the charge), I think this is disgusting.

“They make such emphasis on people not to fly tip, but I can now begin to understand why people do this.”

In response, Ian Taylor, waste services team leader at Lincolnshire County Council, commented: “We are sorry that we weren’t able to dispose of the resident’s garden waste at the Spalding HWRC on Sunday.

“We’d had an unprecedentedly busy weekend, with a very large number of cars through the system, so by around three o’clock on Sunday afternoon we had collected our garden waste capacity. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

“We are expecting this bank holiday weekend to also be busy, so with this in mind, we are doing everything we can to ensure maximum capacity for garden waste at Spalding, so hopefully we should not have this issue again.”