Warning over cash machine

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SHOPPERS have been warned to be vigilant after reports of card cloning at a well-used cash machine.

A number of people who use the ATM outside the Tesco Express store in Spalding’s Matmore gate have reported problems with cash being taken from their accounts.

It follows a spate of card cloning earlier this summer when victims were spurred into putting a warning sign up on the machine in a bid to alert others.

One victim, Tracey Sharman said her card was cloned twice in a matter of months and was left without a cash card for a week each time while her bank dealt with it.

She said she had also been told that on one of those occasions her card was one of 50 “swallowed” by the machine in one week.

She said: “I live near the machine but don’t use it anymore because this happens to someone I know at least once a month.”

But Tesco spokesman Louise Gosling says previous card cloning problems have been stamped out by daily checks on the machine to ensure it has not been tampered with.

She said: “Apparently a problem was reported in June where some customers were worried about the security of the machine.

“We reported this to G4S who service the machine and they closed it down and replaced the card slot to make it safe.

“It is now working safely as usual.”