Warning of council tax and fish scams

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A warning has been issued over two potential scams currently operating in Lincolnshire.

Residents have been warned against falling for a letter promising a council tax refund and being reeled in by unscrupulous fishmongers.

The warnings have been issued by Lincolnshire Trading Standards, which says it has received a number of calls from people who have been targeted by the conmen.

The council tax refund letter advises the target that their home has been rebanded and they are owed money as a result.

The company then offers their assistance to claim the money in exchange for the resident paying a fee.

Angela Kane, senior trading standards officer, said: “Worryingly, these scammers are using the promise of reduced council tax as a means of gathering personal details and conning people out of money.

“We would advise residents not to get involved with these companies.

“Scams like these are crimes and it is vital people report them.”

Also, over the past few weeks, Trading Standards has also received a number of complaints about dodgy door-to-door fish sellers.

Mrs Kane said: “We have been hearing from people who have been pressured into buying fish from door-to-door sales people.

“The fish is often overpriced, unlabelled, misdescribed and often out of date.

“Customers are initially told the fish costs just a few pounds, but on delivery are subjected to a hard sell and bullying tactics when the price generally increases.”

l Contact Trading Standards on 01522 782341.