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Easter eggs, chicken nuggets, devices and tattoos

Easter is celebrated at this time but leading up to this event, I noticed assorted happenings that perhaps undermines the whole occasion, as to its true meaning, plus why it is celebrated - sadly, perhaps, the traditional outlook has somewhat lost its way in some instances in this day and age.

I overheard the following exchange between some children and an inquiring adult outside a supermarket recently that went something like this: the adult asked one of the children (I must confess, I have no idea as to child ages any more, as their growing process is quite bewildering) what their meaning or understanding of Easter was, with the instantaneous reply that it was: ‘Choccy egg time…but my mum waits till after Easter to buy them as they come down and cheaper she says but once I had to have bars of chocolate instead’.

Hearing that last part about the ‘bars of chocolate’ - not bar, but bars - somehow brought it home that indeed there is a lot of suffering about when you don’t know if its going to be a few bars of chocolate or waiting in hope that the choccy eggs will come down in price pretty quick, but at least it means the old stand-bys like putting the blame on ‘global warming’, ‘leaves on the line’ or ‘can’t get the wood any more’ don’t get over used in the usual excuses department that we have come to loathe but expect.

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