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WARD'S WORLD: Bad weather reminded me a Bank Holiday was coming

Initial signs it was coming up to the August Bank Holiday was the rain being incessant, plus the winds in the days leading up to it. Saturday morning started dry with rain expected later but the start to the mayhem was the doorbell chirping into life as somebody stood there clutching a parcel.

He asked what part of Wisbech this was and I said none.”

He looked at me strangely, a process I am now used to based upon many such encounters over the years with assorted people, as he then went for the gold award by asking where Wisbech was to which I honestly replied: “The same place it’s always been as featured on many maps.”

Columnist John Ward (41851684)
Columnist John Ward (41851684)

I explained as best as I could that this was not Wisbech as it’s spelt differently to start with plus it’s about 20 miles away so hardly a neighbourly situation, certainly not the sort of set up where it would be easy to pop over to borrow a cup of sugar from.

He stared at me – a lot.

He parried this by handing me the parcel regardless of the fact it did not have my name or address on it as he was then trying to take a photo on his phone of me holding it.

While this was going on I was trying to point out it was not meant for mebut somebody else living in, well, Wisbech, although this was perhaps a minor point.

He frowned at me and asked if I was the person whose name was on the parcel, to which I replied that I was not.

Normally this sort of thing would or might end with an apology for the mistake/inconvenience etc but no, all I got in response was: “Maybe you know where this person lives?”

I went into my helpful mode as I said no but I could possibly help him get there. I gave him basic instructions to get him going in the direction of Wisbech as he wandered off back to his van but reassuring me that he “had not delivered this way before” which I found to be quite possibly accurate, give or take a county boundary line or two.

I went with him to his van to make sure the controls were still the same as he left them including such items as the steering wheel, gear lever, foot pedals etc. as I felt this gesture showed some interest in his well being.

Then he said the sat nav stuck on his windscreen (on the inside) was “very good” which made me wonder how it had got him over 20 odd miles away from his supposed target.

I hoped that a Mr Rogers, when or if he received his parcel, would be grateful it had arrived safely despite the 40-odd miles or so roundabout detour via a countryside or county ramble.

Saturday afternoon did bless us with rain and wind but fortunately all this was going on outside in the garden and surrounding area.

However, after lunch a telephone/broadband scam was attempted but thwarted as somebody with a strange accent rang and tried to explain that ‘bad people’ (her lot in fact) were trying to do ‘do things’ with the broadband connection here.

She said she was ‘trying to help’ (?) but was unable to explain the problem but as I could hear things in the background such as similar type calls being made to others like myself, things were certainly amiss as I then asked what telephone number she was ringing and whose name the account was in.

After three times of me asking her these basic questions she hung up.

Advice bit now: If you should get calls like this, do ask what number they are calling but importantly whose name the account is in – DO NOT OFFER IT – because if they are genuine, they will be able to tell you.

Then afterwards I got in touch with our broadband provider and it would appear this is an ongoing scam but in fairness they reacted fast, have put certain measures in place but if you have the same thing happen to you, do get in touch with your service provider as soon as possible to report it.

That evening’s early evening news was followed by the weather forecast with the added excitement of being informed that last year’s August Bank Holiday Monday was ‘the hottest recorded in recent years’.

Any hopes of that happening this year were dashed as the temperature was predicted to be ‘possibly’ 18 degrees, so based on that bit of metrological crystal ball gazing I put the Mexican sombrero (made in China) away as its possible use on Monday would have limited appeal.

Sunday did arrive and the morning started off with sunshine. Then which face mask to wear was the first important thought of the day.

Since we joined this sort of deranged version of the Lone Ranger Fan Club by mask wearing, life has certainly been different.

Although I can’t help wondering, as I gather a lot of others have mumbled through their masks, why this process was not in force a few months ago when the virus first kicked off?

So far no news about stable doors, horses bolting or locks being fitted to the same stable doors as a preventive measure.

Although it’s certainly done wonders for the mask manufacturers although some I have picked up have the information in (very) small print that it should not be used to prevent the spread of coronavirus so why would anybody want to buy one to wear as a fashion accessory?

Monday arrived and I had an email from a friend who said his wife had finally made the front cover of a magazine – true it’s only her hands holding the food mixer on the cover of some baking related magazine but it’s a start.

Bank Holiday Monday and we had sunshine most of the time, true a dollop of cloud at times but nothing to worry about so the great outdoors beckoned and the joy of getting caught up in a traffic jam.

I left it this long before scribbling as I might have been able to give you an update on Mr Rogers and his parcel – but nothing heard back so far.

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