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Ward's World: My ‘maya-noisy’ eating horrors

I wrote recently about my experience in a restaurant with the ‘techno family from hell’ – or rather their dining display that involved more input from their mobile devices that they played with during their supposed eating experience, as myself and friend witnessed it all.

While I thought our session was perhaps – I had hoped – an isolated incident, it seems my hopes have been dashed as others have also had much the same goings-on as they go out to enjoy a meal in expected quiet (?) surroundings, only to be disturbed by constant chatter on mobiles plus photo taking of their meal in front of them in various stages of being digested as they ‘update’ the process on their social media malarkey.

John Ward (12107610)
John Ward (12107610)

One encounter I will share that came from one disgruntled diner and his wife, who sat near a ‘family’ who were preoccupied with playing with their mobile phones, as the family of four – two adults and two supposed children – sat and talked into their devices or swiped screens as their food, that had been served hot, was now tepid, with the father figure getting up to drag the waitress over to tell her their meals were ‘stone cold’ and he was ‘upset’ by it.

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