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WARD'S WORLD: Knowing granddad

I often hear from folk who read this column, which is quite enlightening in many respects, like: knowing that folk are reading it or capable of reading it is quite rewarding (at least seven so far I believe with Pauline in Spalding in the lead with Brian in Long Sutton still not sure, with Ken in Wisbech preferring it to the ‘Beano’, which I believe is no longer available in newsagents but was something to do with gardening or beans to be precise).

However, there are those blissfully unaware it’s a weekly thing - or in some cases it’s been suggested weakly - plus those who wander up to me and inquire on various aspects of the topics raised but regardless of the reply I still seem to disappoint some as being a non-smoker, I am unable to offer them a light for their cigarettes or at the very least, offer them ‘one of mine’ when they produce their empty packet.

John ready for a mission into the unknown (6469164)
John ready for a mission into the unknown (6469164)

It’s not often I do requests, although some suggested are physically impossible I should point out, if my doctor’s advice is anything to go by, but following on from the Armistice Day column I wrote last November to coincide with the Remembrance Day theme, I mentioned my granddad and his part in WW1 and this seems to have stirred assorted people into inquiring about him and so the following might help - I am afraid I don’t know much about anybody else’s granddad so I won’t be writing about them sadly, so it’s mine or none at all.

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