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Weston duo's walk for life

A mother and daughter duo is walking every day in February to raise money for a charity close to their hearts.

Teresa Thorpe and daughter Kimberley Waite, from Weston, have been walking between two-and-a-half and 10 miles-a-day to raise money for Cancer Research UK after Teresa was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer last year.

Teresa has been amazed by the development of research into cancer treatment after experiencing very few side effects, which pushed her to donate funds by walking 56 miles already this month.

Teresa Thorpe, Kimberley Waite and Evan (3) on one of their walks (44455420)
Teresa Thorpe, Kimberley Waite and Evan (3) on one of their walks (44455420)

Teresa said: “Last October I was diagnosed, after first going to the doctors in the March.

“I knew something was wrong but after tests and a change of doctors it took until October for them to find that something was wrong with me.

“I’ve just finished five weeks of going to Lincoln County Hospital daily for my radiotherapy and chemotherapy, where I was one of 150 patients in the same session.

“But the staff treat you like you’re the only person there and I just really want to give something back.

“I was really scared when I started the treatment as I had been warned of all of the side effects but I’ve been so lucky – I’ve not had any hair loss or sickness, the only side effect is that I get really tired.

“I feel really fit so when it’s just the two of us walking without my grandson, Evan, we push more and more.

“We’re doing up to ten miles a day, three days a week and a bit less the rest of the time.”

Teresa and Kimberley have already raised just under £1,500 between them through their initial challenge.

However, now that the duo has smashed their first 56 miles they are determined to keep going.

Teresa, who is now waiting to see if the treatment has worked, said: “I am so proud that we are doing this and combined with raising nearly £1,500, I’m really chuffed.

“We are just going to keep going until the end of the month now.

“It’s been lovely as when people see us out they give us a beep and a wave – the encouragement has been amazing and spurs me on when I’m tired.

“I am so grateful that the treatment is still improving thanks to research, technology and donations so it’s amazing to add to that.”

To donate and see the duo’s journey, visit Teresa’s Facebook page.

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