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PLENTY of readers responded when asked to nominate a favourite local charity to benefit from next year’s Two Lips Appeal.

Without exception, they all voted for Lincolnshire’s St Barnabas Hospice which is based in Spalding at Jenny Freeman Lodge Hospice Day Care Centre.

Liam Rawlings gave his reasons in his email: “I would like to nominate St Barnabas Lincolnshire hospice as they are a wonderful cause and helped my grandad spend his remaining weeks at home whilst giving my nana much deserved and needed respite. A very worthy cause.”

The Rotary Club of Spalding which launched the appeal – a week’s fundraising in May which raised an amazing £10,531 this year – will decide at its meeting on Monday which four local charities will share next year’s Two Lips charity pot.

Today is the deadline for readers’ responses.

Chairman of the club’s fundraising committee Alan Porter, who as president originated the Two Lips idea, said: “Our target was £10,000 and we thought it was very ambitious, but the four charities we’d chosen to benefit and the rest of the community made a fantastic effort and exceeded it.

“It’s going to be an annual event and next year’s week will be from May 11 to 18.”

Other local charities which may be considered beside the readers’ nominations are St John Ambulance, local cubs and brownies, and Spalding Youth Club.