Voluntary service needs your votes to secure funding

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Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) is calling on groups and individuals to vote for it in a contest to win £1,000 to support its work.

LCVS wants to improve its web presence to help allow it to reach out to the rural communities it serves.

The charity, which offers free advice, support and training to community groups and volunteers, has been shortlisted in the ‘A Grand Idea’ contest run by Ringrose Law.

Marie Chapman, LCVS senior volunteering and community development officer, said: “LCVS works in very rural communities and our website helps us to reach out to them.

“We need the funding to help support us to develop a website that is more interactive and allows groups and individuals to access services online, find forms and templates for policies, book appointments and free training.

“We also hope to create a facility to allow volunteers to register online and be matched with volunteering opportunities, keep up-to-date and feel part of the volunteering community.”

Ringrose Law will award £1,000 to the shortlisted community project that gets the most votes by September 30.

Vote now at: www.ringroselaw.co.uk/agrandidea/vote-now/

Vote for LCVS by clicking on ‘Len Medlock Centre’ on the list.