Virtually smart wedding plans

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HOWEVER black the financial news, people still want white weddings, and not necessarily on a shoestring, either.

IT and social media-savvy Spalding couple Shaun and Vicky Lord, who launched their Fairytale Wedding Company three years ago in the midst of the recession, are showing today’s bride and groom the smart way to marry.

In the process they’ve moved to a new office in High Street, Spalding, and are busy recruiting two apprentices to join two full-time members of staff.

Fairytale is leading the way on virtual wedding planning locally with its personalised wedding websites, allowing the bridal couple to interact with their guests for months before and after the actual event.

After a free seven-day trial, if you choose to go ahead your own website costs just £20, offering unlimited photo upload and gallery albums so your guests can add their informal pictures; an itinerary so you can keep them aware of events on the day and beforehand; RSVPs at the click of a mouse; local amenities, transport and directions; a department store gift list link which enables you to create your own personalised gift list; menu options so guests can book their choices in advance and quick and easy updating for guests.

Vicky said: “We’re very much a local company, holding our unique wedding festivals fairly close to home in King’s Lynn, Peterborough and Wisbech as well as Ayscoughfee Hall, so the big majority of our clients are local people looking for local venues and services for their wedding.

“Thinking smart with Fairytale means saving time and money by getting organised online, and the personalised websites really started taking off in a big way just before last Christmas. The festivals – the next one at Kingsgate Conference Centre, Peterborough is on October 13 – offer people a range of suppliers to suit all pockets and tastes, and that’s smart too!”