Virgin runners stepping it up

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Week four of the Spalding Couch-2-5k initiative once again took place during a lovely sunny evening.

Extending the running part of week four meant that participants were now up to three-minute runs with three- minute rests for a total time of 27 minutes.

Now this may not seem that big a deal for the regular runner, but for the Couch-2-5k team it was a challenge that they all stepped up to.

Everyone admitted that over the four weeks they were finding it easier, breathing was improving and legs ached less the next day. Running of course isn’t for everybody, but getting out in the fresh air and being more active is. Walking is a good alternative to running.

Running or walking can really lift a person’s mood and can be a great way to relax and think through problems. Running can also help with sleep.

Regular runners often experience a ‘runner’s high’ where the body releases some happy hormones making you feel great.

The best thing with running or walking for exercise is that it’s free, and can fit easily into any time of day.

Week five of Couch-2-5k steps up a gear with a mix of three and five-minute running times along with 90 seconds of walking for recovery.

There’s still time to take part in the Couch-2-5k by downloading the app onto your phone or contact Tracey at The Fitness Company on 01775 766775.