Vinyl is back in the groove

Uptown Vinyl Record Store at Lifestyle, Pinchbeck'Alan Barnsdale with some five star records ANL-150416-170918001
Uptown Vinyl Record Store at Lifestyle, Pinchbeck'Alan Barnsdale with some five star records ANL-150416-170918001
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They’ve been used to make clocks, coffee tables, butterfly wall art and mobiles, but the launch of a new vinyl record chart is set to change all that.

Vinyl records are back in the groove – and a new outlet is hoped to send collectors in a spin and heading for Spalding.

Uptown Vinyl Records Music Shop has opened at Spalding Lifestyle and Garden Centre – just in time for the eighth Record Store Day – the annual celebration which champions a reason to dust off collections that for many have been resigned to the attic.

A selection of more than 40,000 vinyl records, many selling for around £3 to £5, can be found decked in memorabilia in a specialist area of the lifestyle centre in Pinchbeck Road, which is becoming even more of a retro paradise with its vintage wines and shabby chic furniture.

Alan Barnsdale, the owner of the collection, couldn’t be more excited.

The former record shop owner in Spalding, who gave it all up for his career as a company director, said: “I’m retired now and have been selling vinyl from home, I’ve 40,000 records and I’ve just outgrown home.

“Coming here is perfect for me because I have the space to display them properly. I want people 
to enjoy the experience 
of browsing the records 
and enjoying the memories and they can do that here. 
I don’t mind them bringing a coffee over from the cafe and having a chat about it all – that’s what it’s all about.”

Already a group of “ladies who dine” have been very excited about the collection. Alan said: “They came out of the cafe and spotted the records and got really excited. They were probably from the era when they had David Cassidy or Donny Osmond posters on the wall.”

But even while he was still setting up the serious collectors had found him. Alan said: “It’s taking off really well. One guy said I had one of the best collections he had seen.”

But it isn’t just the generation which remembers an era when buying and selling discs were labours of love who are excited.

Alan said: “Downloads and the CD market are in decline. With films like Northern Soul, events like Record Store Day and duets like Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett, vinyl is reaching a new young generation. Teenagers are learning how good the crooners were, buying record players and learning the physical joy of holding a record. It’s very exciting.”