Villagers attack suspicious man

EXTRAORDINARY SCENES:  Angry villagers in Moulton in 1914.
EXTRAORDINARY SCENES: Angry villagers in Moulton in 1914.
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One hundred years ago today, “extraordinary and most exciting scenes” were witnessed in Moulton.

A farmer and bulb grower from the village came under a military search just weeks after he appeared before magistrates in Boston for carrying a loaded revolver at Fosdyke Bridge, which led to him being “suspected by the military” of espionage.

Those in the village were also suspicious of the man, a Mr Cunnington, and his family which often included German governesses.

Villagers said: “There is resentment that we law abiding people should have to put up with such a man in our midst.”

At around 5pm a military lorry arrived in Moulton carrying officers in full uniform, carrying riffles.

News quickly spread around the village and a crowd gathered outside the man’s house as it was searched by the military.

Although the search was fruitless, the man was still booed as he walked into the village to purchase a bottle of water.

The crowd around him became nasty, so he struck two men with a “suspiciously heavy” stick.

The man was then picked up and carried to the village water pump where he was doused with water by the very angry villagers.