Villager’s fury after close call on A1175 in Deeping St Nicholas

'STUPID' ROADWORKS: Delia Williams had a near-miss on the A1175 Littleworth Drove where roadworks has reduced part of the road to a single lane controlled by temporary traffic lights. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG291017- 102TW.
  • Councillor’s advice to ‘exercise extra caution’

A Deeping St Nicholas motorist has slammed a water company for installing temporary traffic lights on the village’s main road after narrowly avoiding a head-on crash.

Villager Delia Williams (75) had to take evasive action last Tuesday when turning out of Campains Lane onto Littleworth Drove (A1175) towards Spalding, only to see a police car coming straight towards her as it travelled Littleworth signal box.

I saw a police car coming towards me so I had to get out of the way by going up onto the side of the road, otherwise I would have been hit

Delia Williams, of Deeping St Nicholas

Anglian Water engineers are laying new water pipes which has meant the closure of the left-hand lane of the A1175 between Green Lane, near St Nicholas House, and Harrow Road.

Mrs Williams said: “I got to the end of Campains Lane and was waiting for the traffic to pass along the A1175 towards Spalding so that I could tag onto the back of it.

“Then I saw a police car coming towards me so I had to get out of the way by going up onto the side of the road, otherwise I would have been hit.

“I was really frightened so I rang the contractors to ask for three-way traffic lights to be put up because cars have to wait to go along the A1175 as there’s only one lane open.

“I just can’t understand how anybody could be so stupid to put up traffic lights where, as you come out of Campains Lane, you can’t see whether they are on red or green.

“It’s absolute madness and as the clocks have gone back now, I’m not looking forward to driving on the A1175 as it’s always busy.”

Anglian Water engineers are not due to finish their work on Littleworth Drove until Christmas Eve.

Deeping St Nicholas county councillor Nigel Pepper said: “When the problem of exiting Campains Lane was brought to my attention, I personally visited the site and made a request to Lincolnshire County Council highways department to install three-way traffic lights at the Littleworth Drove/Campains Lane junction.

“The work presently being carried out is to lay approximately three quarters of a mile of new water mains under the road between the Woodbank estate and Campains Lane.

“However, we all know that this type of vehicle can be upon us extremely quickly and the installation of three-way traffic lights would have little effect as the drivers of all blue light vehicles are trained and qualified to go through a red traffic light.

“Similarly, the 40mph speed limit along that stretch of road can be exceeded by emergency vehicles so extra caution needs to be exercised when roadworks are being carried out.”

Coun William Rodwell, chairman of Deepings St Nicholas Parish Council, said: “The pipe layers will be moving down the road very soon as I understand that they are trying to complete 100metres of work a week.

“Whilst we may have another issue at the exit to Harrow Road onto the A1175, but the arrangement of traffic lights has helped the speedy flow of traffic on the main road and, in fairness to Anglian Water, has allowed exiting traffic from Campains Lane to join the end of the ‘snake’ of traffic after it has passed by the roadworks with comparative safety.”

An Anglian Water spokesman said: “Our engineers are currently laying a new water pipe alongside the A1175 Littleworth Drove in Deeping St Nicholas.

“The scheme has now moved further down the A1175, past the junction with Campains Lane.

“However, in order for our team to carry out this work safely, a lane closure and two-way traffic lights are in place. “All our roadworks are planned and approved by the local highways team before work commences to ensure that they are safe and fit for purpose.”

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