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West Pinchbeck villager is fed-up with 18 months of roadworks

A villager is calling for an end to the constant stream of roadworks which have been taking place in his community for 18 months.

Anthony Helcoop has become fed-up with having to travel around the long diversions while roads are shut in West Pinchbeck as Anglian Water hooks more people up to its new sewage system.

The water firm finished installing the £10million new system earlier this year in order to tackle environmental problems in the area.

Anthony Helcoop is fed up after Six House Bank in West Pinchbeck was closed again (43571069)
Anthony Helcoop is fed up after Six House Bank in West Pinchbeck was closed again (43571069)

But Mr Helcoop says the most recent three week road closure in Six House Bank had cost his family an additional £75 in fuel costs due to the diversions.

He said: “This is having a massive effect on the whole community and we have put up with it.

“We have to be out of the house at 7.45am to ensure that my daughter gets to school on time because of the road works.

Anthony Helcoop is fed up after Six House Bank in West Pinchbeck was closed again (43571073)
Anthony Helcoop is fed up after Six House Bank in West Pinchbeck was closed again (43571073)

“School buses have been affected, so are the emergency services along with the council’s dust collections as they have to go around the diversion every time they come around here.”

Mr Helcoop also feels that the company should have footed the bill in order to hook everyone up to the new system at the same time and he says only a fifth of houses have signed up to the scheme.

He said: “There is an awful lot of people that can’t afford the £2,500 cost.

“The fact is that with all the workers and plants on site for 18 months Anglian Water could have done the house connections for an estimated £250,000 on top of the £10 million project cost and the four fifths of the residents would have signed up as well.

“The community now faces a situation where in the last three months two pots have been retro fitted to two properties and each time Anglian Water have closed the roads for three weeks at a time.”

The roadworks have also impacted on businesses in the area.

Paula Leverton, who runs Four Winds Equestrian Centre in Leaveslake Drove, has also experienced problems as a result of the diversions.

She said: “It has been a nightmare as there is no natural way around.

“People have been getting lost. We have even had people ring up from Bourne as they have followed the diversion.”

Work to install the new sewage scheme had begun in the final months of 2018 and during that time a number of road closures were in place while construction took place.

An Anglian Water spokesperson said: “Earlier this year we installed a new sewage system in West Pinchbeck to help alleviate environmental pollution in the area.

“Since the completion of the work a number of customers have requested to be connected to the system which has meant that we have needed to return to the area to facilitate this.

“Every customer has a right to be connect to the public sewerage system whenever they wish to, and we have a duty to ensure that this is completed, however this is not compulsory.

“We can confirm that the latest connections in North Gate and Six House Bank have now been completed.

“In order to encourage connections during the initial programme of work, and to reduce further disruption we offered all customers free connection to the new system, however this was only available during the initial installation stage.

“Those customers who have requested connection since this was completed unfortunately do not qualify for the free connection.”

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