Village running out of graves

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Sutton Bridge is running out of graves in its churchyard and people may have to be buried elsewhere unless the parish council finds more land.

The warning came at the annual parish meeting on Tuesday when resident Chris Morley asked why it was taking so long to find a new burial ground when the project had been debated for at least eight years.

He said: “Can we push this on and get it done a bit quicker?”

Parish councillor David Dewsberry said: “There are 20 places left in the churchyard and, when they are filled, nothing.

“You will have to go to Long Sutton or somewhere else to get buried.”

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Morley said there had been between six and ten funerals so far this year.

He said: “It doesn’t leave very long, does it? I just hope I live long enough to see the new cemetery.”

The parish council was talking to village company Scott’s Miracle-Gro last year about a parcel of land, but heard in October it was refusing to sell the land. The council then started negotiations with the village’s biggest landowner, Henry Smith Charities, which are ongoing.