Village parade under review after problems

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THE FUTURE of Pinchbeck Carnival parade could be under threat after problems with a new route.

Organisers of the event, which is the highlight of the village calendar, say they will be carrying out an urgent review to see if lessons can be learned after a number of problems at the weekend, which included angry drivers ignoring marshals’ instructions to avoid the village.

In an email to organisers, one marshal said: “Some motorists just drove round us at speed, ignoring everything including traffic lights and keep left signs.”

Carnival committee treasurer Barbara Camps said: “We did hit quite a few problems. At one time the parade had traffic coming towards it in Knight Street and the people standing with the road closure signs had problems with angry drivers who weren’t willing to be diverted.

“The committee is going to have to re-think the route for next year and may decide not to have a parade. It was quite problematic.”

One angry resident affected by the road closures says she was told she would have to stay away from her home for more than two and a half hours by a marshal, who told her: “I don’t care if you need to get home, Pinchbeck is closed.”

The mum-of-two said: “He had probably been receiving abuse from people for a while before I came along, but he had a really bad attitude and was just rude. He didn’t even ask where I wanted to go.

“I just wonder how many people were heading to Pinchbeck to enjoy the carnival but were turned away by marshals.”

Mr Pailing said he was disappointed and surprised to hear of the marshal’s attitude, adding: “Being polite doesn’t cost anything.”

The new route was imposed on organisers this year by highways officials and police amid fears that some of the roads used for the past 32 years were unsafe because of their width and the number of cars parked along them.

But Mrs Camps said there had never been any problems before.

She said: “The new route didn’t work for the parade or the people of Pinchbeck. At one point it went along Church Street, but there was no one there to see it. What’s the point of that?”