Video game review: STREET FIGHTER V (PS4/PC)

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This PS4 console-exclusive is such a bizarre game to review – because it’s exceptionally unfinished.

In this first ‘numbered’ version of the legendary fighting series since 2008, this is another (albeit smaller) step up from the impressive SF IV, and offers arguably the best mechanics ever seen in the franchise – including the sensational new V-System.

But unfortunately it has been released before all modes have been finalised – including basic ‘versus CPU’ and standard ‘Arcade’ modes (even though they should be coming soon) – and a fairly (as it stands) wafer-thin character list that includes favorites such as Ryu, Chun-Li and a mixture of diverse combatants, but at the moment the likes of Guile, Blanka and E Honda are still to be added.

So a five-star fighting game with two-star ‘bare bones’ content – that provides more of a dizzying ‘Spinning Bird Kick’ than a knockout ‘Dragon Punch’.

But the essential street fighting aspect has never been so phenomenal.

Rating: 4/5