Video game review: Mad Max (PS4/X1/PC)

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This open-world adventure as legendary post-apocalyptic wasteland warrior Mad Max (most recently seen in film Fury Road played by Tom Hardy) has come with virtually little fanfare to be one of the year’s gaming surprises.

With a competent levelling-up combat system akin to the Batman Arkham series, you scour the harsh and gritty landscape searching for trash to build the ultimate vehicle, the Magnus Opus, while taking on vicious marauding gangs – including the War Boys collective protecting the warlord from Gas Town who nearly took your life.

Taking out assassination-type missions and burning fuel depots can get a little repetitive as the game unfolds – but with more than 40 hours worth of content exploring this brutal world is still an incredibly rewarding experience.

Apocalypse wow.

Rating: 4/5