Video game review: LEGO MARVEL AVENGERS (X1/PS4/360/PS3/WIIU/3DS/PSV/PC)

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The latest Lego game provides an entry full of fan service – but unfortunately takes one step forward and two steps back for the franchise.

The forward step comes in the form of an exciting evolution for a Lego game – humorous quick time events (which are even better in co-op) that forgo the usual button-mashing scenarios – but everything else pretty much follows a slightly tiring formula.

And that usually wouldn’t be so bad in a platforming adventure that includes Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and co, if the story – which is restricted to the movies featuring the Avengers heroes in the Marvel canon – doesn’t chop back and forth in such an incoherent fashion.

Despite pockets of enjoyment this is more mish-mash than Hulk smash.

Rating: 3/5

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