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Sutton Bridge's new reverend brings new look to village post

A new reverend is certainly bringing a new look to the post as he gears up to take the helm in Sutton Bridge.

Rev Paul Carey-Slater, who is originally from Norfolk, has moved to the area where, as of June 7, he will be the Interim Priest in Charge of Sutton Bridge.

Rev Carey-Slater is looking forward to forming good relationships with the community and acknowledges “he looks different from your average vicar” because of his distinct mohawk haircut.

Revd Paul Carey-Slater (47721682)
Revd Paul Carey-Slater (47721682)

Having moved from Northamptonshire, Rev Carey-Slater is already looking forward to starting his work at St Matthews Church, where his wife Micki will also be involved with youth work.

He said: “We feel very privileged and blessed to be here and we are very excited about meeting new people in a new place. My wife is originally from Boston and I’m a Norfolk boy, so we know the area a bit and it’s great for us to be closer to our family too.”

Rev Carey-Slater feels it is important for him to be himself and that his slightly different appearance has never stood in the way of his work.

He said: "Why do I have my hair like this? Well, the simple answer is that I like it.

"I have always done something different with my hair and I can only be me.

"I enjoy my hair like this - it's been in this style for over 10 years - and I think it's important for me as I really need to be who I am.

"At the moment, I feel being who I am is having my hair in a mohawk."I have always said that if I ever felt that it was going to interfere with my work I would change it, but it never has."

Rev Carey Slater was ordained in 2012 and studied theology in Nottingham before he moved to Boston to serve his curacy at Holy Trinity Church.

He is hoping to encourage the community to get involved with the church in a bid to make the most of other people’s skills.

He said: “I think the days where the vicar does everything in the church are gone now. I want to get people involved because lots of people have many different skills and gifts which we can tap into.

“It’s all about team work. Initially my work will be about building up relationships and getting to know people. We will see how that goes and then we will see how the church can support the community.”

The licensing service will be officiated by the Bishop of Grantham and the Rural Dean Rev Rosamund Seal.

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