Verse from world traveller with heart in Spalding

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He’s been a global traveller most of his life, but South Holland has always been ‘home’ for Lee Brook.

This area is where his parents lived for more than 30 years and so it’s the place that has been a constant throughout his life.

Lee serving in the 1st Battalion of the Grenadier Guards in Northern Ireland.

Lee serving in the 1st Battalion of the Grenadier Guards in Northern Ireland.

His parents Doreen and Eric Brook made an enormous impact on this district, his father one of three men who founded Bourne Salads in 1987.

Lee says they hatched the concept together in his parents’ house in Knight Street in Pinchbeck. The business was sold to Geest about six years later and is now part of Bakkavor.

Eric was also instrumental in introducing bar code technology to the first store in the country – Key Markets at Pinchbeck, or what is now Morrisons.

Until that time shop assistants were pressing buttons on tills, but Eric rolled out the new bar code scanning technology across the stores – and Doreen was a trainer in the new way of working.

Lee Brook at his book launch in India.

Lee Brook at his book launch in India.

Eric died in 2008, but Doreen, now 83, is living in Georgian Court in Spalding where Lee visits regularly.

Lee, whose childhood was spent in the Far East and Africa, says: “While my parents put down roots here my late twin brother and I absorbed this global tramping, but we always gravitated to Lincolnshire. I have been going into the Pied Calf for 30 years. Spalding is a lovely little market town and it’s unique in that it grows food for the whole country. I have always gravitated to this town, not just to visit my parents but because it’s home.”

Strangely enough, after a life spent travelling with the Army and then working in Australia, Lee has come to live in the UK and is manager for a large retirement home in Margate – the same retirement home provider that owns Georgian Court and Swallows Court in Spalding.

He has a daughter living in Canada, a sister in America, but Lee finally seems to be putting his own roots down in the UK.

Along with that urge to settle somewhere permanently has come a time to look back at the people and events that have been instrumental in his life.

Reflections, Lee’s first published work, sums that up in a book of poems.

Lee says: “It’s about my own reflections of myself and how I fit into the world and how people behave and situations that have occurred throughout my life.

“They are an observation of how I see the world and there is comedy, love and adventure and some are a bit deep, so the poems are diverse and varied.”

Lee is offering the book for free at the moment – simply email him at

The only thing he asks in return is that people send feedback if they like it.