Vandals play football with vases on grave

The Rev Charles Brown is calling to vandals to have more respect for the graveyard.
The Rev Charles Brown is calling to vandals to have more respect for the graveyard.
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Vandals have been partying in Crowland Abbey graveyard leaving distraught relatives to clear up the mess.

Hannah Bradbury said she visited the abbey last Thursday to put flowers on her father’s grave and was shocked by what she saw.

She said: “I was greeted with beer cans, empty cigarette packets, rubbish and four trashed graves!

“I don’t go to visit my dad to have to clear up after what was clearly someone else’s drunken party and I don’t appreciate dad’s vases and grave ornaments being used for a game of football.

“I had a plastic bag with me that I carried the flowers in and cleared and binned as much as I could and I tried to tidy the other the graves because I didn’t want anyone to feel how I did this morning.

“Nothing was damaged other than a few flowers but that isn’t the point. It was a mess with litter, flowers, vases and ornaments everywhere. Some people have no respect.”

A grave tended by Emma Cunningham was also targeted. She said: “My children take lots of time and effort to make daddy’s garden nice.

“It’s hard enough for them to take their father’s day cards to his grave in the first place.

“If I find out who it was they will apologise to my children.”

Last year the Grade 1 listed building, which has just undergone major restoration to the west window, was the target of vandals who damaged two of the windows.

The Rev Charles Brown said he was upset to hear about the latest incident when he spoke to one of the relatives.

He said: “All I can do is appeal to people to respect the graveyard.

“It would be impossible to make the grounds secure. The graveyard is the town’s cemetery and people come here to spend quiet time where their loved ones are buried.

“It’s a special place and one that whoever caused the mess might need one day. I trust it won’t happen again.”