Usual pursuits ditched for sun, sea and sport abroad

The High Life ANL-141211-114956001
The High Life ANL-141211-114956001
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For some, October means Halloween, trick or treating and pumpkin carving. For Spalding High School students, it means sun, sea and sport.

The High Life ANL-141211-115007001

The High Life ANL-141211-115007001

Students from various age groups and various departments went globetrotting this half-term for some much needed R and R after the hectic first term at school.

After numerous fundraising events, netball teams across the school travelled to Malta for a tour against several Spanish teams.

The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved and the standard of sport was particularly impressive with girls performing with outstanding teamwork and skill.

A total of five games were played, demonstrating excellent netball potential, a feat the girls should all be congratulated on. The tour proved an invaluable sporting experience for the budding netball stars and they will now continue their season in a much milder climate. Meanwhile, budding geographers were exploring the stunning Amalfi coast and surrounding areas.

Students were immersed in the Italian culture, exploring the ancient ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum which were buried in volcanic ash, preserving the towns perfectly and even allowing casts of dead bodies to be exhibited in the very positions in which they were engulfed by the lava.

One particular highlight for students was breaking the school record for climbing Mount Vesuvius, smashing the previous 19 minutes down to 13 minutes for the 1,281m ascent.

But the trip would not have been complete without devouring copious amounts of authentic gelato.

Both trips were immensely enjoyable and students are extremely thankful to have been given the opportunity to explore such interesting destinations alongside their peers. Thanks go to all teachers involved in organising the trips, without whom the trips would not have been possible.