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Karen Johnson promoting the Kitchen Garden Project.
Karen Johnson promoting the Kitchen Garden Project.
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We recently helped Karen Johnson, South Holland District Council’s community development officer to promote a new project that should see local people thinking about the food they buy and eat.

It’s called the Kitchen Garden Project and Karen and her colleagues wanted to encourage people to grow and buy locally sourced food and cook it in the most nutritious way possible.

With many schools not teaching what used to be called domestic science, many people now leave education without any idea how to cook.

With the increasing reliance on pre cooked and pre packed foods, diet has suffered and is probably one of the reasons why Britain is in the midst of an obesity crisis.

Karen’s team set about trying to explain that using fresh local food and cooking it in the most nutritious way possible has very real positive benefits to diet and well being.

The Kitchen Garden project also seeks to encourage people to make use of the community gardens in the area where they can grow their own produce under the guidance of master gardeners. Additionally they are running a series of free home cooking courses at Pinchbeck Village Hall on the first Monday of every month – booking is advisable.

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We interviewed some of the participants and you can hear these on the podcast section of our website: