UPDATE WEDNESDAY 8.30AM: Garden fire on estate in Spalding

Fire and Rescue news.
Fire and Rescue news.
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Firefighters from Spalding have been called out to a blaze outside a house in the town.

It happened in the back garden of a house in Royce Road just after 9.30pm on Tuesday.

A crew from Spalding used a water hose reel to put the fire out but no one was injured.

TUESDAY 8.25AM: Firefighters tackle van and shed blaze in Moulton Chapel

Fire crews from two stations have been called out to tackle a van and shed ablaze in Moulton Chapel.

The blaze broke out after diesel leaked from a van in Moulton Chapel Road just after 12.50pm on Monday.

Crews from Crowland and Spalding used water hose reels to put out the blaze which happened while welding was being carried out within the engine compartment which led to the diesel leak and blaze.