UPDATE: Spalding inspector reacts to assault on police officer

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Spalding police inspector Gareth Boxall says has described assaults on the emergency services as “thoroughly unacceptable”.

Insp Boxall spoke out after it was revealed on of his officers had his face scratched and nose bloodied in an incident last night (Sunday).

He revealed police were called to an incident described as “a concern for safety” at 8.52pm in Railway Close, Spalding, and during the course of the incident one officer was hurt.

Insp Boxall said: “Our officers are there to help our community and it is thoroughly unacceptable for police officers or any of our emergency services to be assaulted. Too often, in the course of just doing their job they are injured by those who think it acceptable to assault them.

“Whilst we want to see all violent crime punished, it is important that assaults against those serving the public – not just police officers – are dealt with robustly.

He said one man was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly, criminal damage and assaulting a police officer. The man remains in custody and the investigation is ongoing.

• 9.12am today: Spalding Police say an officer was assaulted on Sunday night, having his face scratched and nose bloodied. The suspect is now in custody after a Taser was used.

Police say it was also disappointing that a member of the public taunted and heckled officers while they were wrestling with the suspect.