Unwrapping Spalding’s new healthy food takeaway

Kellie Bryan and Martyn Fox outside their catering trailer for their business Nude Food UK.
Kellie Bryan and Martyn Fox outside their catering trailer for their business Nude Food UK.
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A health conscious Spalding couple are offering a new take on fast food with the expansion of their business Nude Food UK.

Personal Trainer Kellie Bryan, who goes under the name Kellie-Marie Fitness, and her partner Martyn Fox, both 29-years-old, have been running a successful meal prep business for the past few months.

They prepare wholesome fresh breakfasts, lunches and dinners for their customers.

Kellie, who has been based at Definitions Gym in Spalding, and now works as a freelance personal trainer, teamed up with Martyn, who shares her love of good food, to put together recipe ideas that are all about eating more healthily.

Martyn said: “Kellie was getting a lot of requests from people around healthy eating and she started doing weekly food preparation which people could collect twice a week.

“It started getting bigger and so we looked for a catering trailer and we’ll be launching it outside Definitions Gym (in Cradge Bank), on October 1, offering a takeaway option.

“Kelly is very health conscious and I love food so we’ve come up with recipes based on normal meals but with healthier, unrefined ingredients.

“So we’ll use turkey mince, instead of beef, sweet potatoes instead of ordinary potatoes and wholemeal rice instead of white rice.

“We offer meals like veggie chilli or a shepherd’s pie with turkey mince.

“We like to use natural sugars and fats which the body is meant to break down better, so avocados as a natural fat, dates or bananas instead of sugar.

“It’s a natural balance, at the same time offering good tasting, healthy food.”

○ Kellie and Martyn will be offering tasting sessions at the open event on October 1, between midday-2pm.

Recipes available from the trailer will be options such as sweet potato pancakes, a Mexican breakfast wrap with wholemeal bread and toasted ‘wrapchos’ which are made from wholemeal nachos with turkey mince or veggie chilli, melted feta, yoghurt and homemade guacamole.

Martyn said: “There is a stereotype around healthy eating but we are showing people food that is ‘normal’ but has a balance of being good and healthy.

“It’s like introducing something like a turkey burger to my football mates. It’s about showing that something that is healthy can also taste good.”


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