Unregistered skin piercers operating in South Holland could spread diseases

Coun Malcolm Chandler
Coun Malcolm Chandler
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South Holland District Council has warned the public against unregistered skin piercers operating in the area.

It says there may be unregistered piercers operating from their homes or visiting homes and those receiving piercings could contract nasty ilnesses.

All registered skin piercers must display a certificate of registration where they practice – if they can’t then it is likely they are unregistered.

Council environmental health inspectors routinely visit registered premises and monitor compliance against the district byelaws, which cover a range of standards including the cleanliness of the premise, equipment and the hygiene of the operator.

Anyone who carries out acupuncture, electrolysis, cosmetic piercing and semi-permanent skin colouring must be registered with the local authority.

Semi-permanent skin colouring or micro-blading is becoming more and more fashionable by having your eye brows/lips/eye liner temporarily tattooed on.

One of the main reasons for registration is the protection of public health, particularly against the spread of infection

Coun Malcolm Chandler

Coun Malcolm Chandler, portfolio holder for food, health and safety, said: “One of the main reasons for registration is the protection of public health, particularly against the spread of infection.

“We believe that there may be unregistered skin piercers operating in the district and we are keen to make people aware of this. We would encourage anyone who suspects that a skin piercer is operating illegally to report this to us.

“If you are considering any of these treatments please ensure you only use a registered operator.”

By using an unregistered piercer you run the risk of becoming infected with either of the following:

• The bacteria staphylococcus or pseudomonas, which may give rise to localised inflammation and pain or can result in more chronic problems with pus, odours and scar tissues.

• Hepatitis B: This can occur by contamination with infected blood or tissue fluids. Poor practice in tattooing and acupuncture has been known to cause outbreaks, particularly where fresh needles are not used or equipment is poorly sterilised.

• Hepatitis C: This is acquired through intravenous drug use and the sharing of needles.

• HIV: This is transmitted in the same way as Hepatitis B.

A list of registered Skin Piercers can be viewed at www.sholland.gov.uk/article/4188/Skin-Piercing.

If the person you are intending to visit is not on the list ask them to produce their certificate of registration. If they can’t, do not use them and report it to the council.

If you become aware of a tattooist in South Holland operating without the relevant registration or offering to tattoo under 18s, contact the police or South Holland District Council on 01775 761161 or via email on foodhs@sholland.gov.uk