Unanswered: ‘Why didn’t driver stop?’

Tim Osborn
Tim Osborn
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Parents looked on stunned as the man responsible for the death of their son showed no emotion when told he faced a jail sentence.

Stephen and Lynne Osborn wanted justice – but say what they got was an agonising day of plea bargaining.

Paul Walken (42), of Chapel Lane, Folkingham, had been due to stand trial in front of a jury at Lincoln Crown Court on Monday but pleaded guilty to causing the death of 27-year-old cyclist Timothy Osborn by careless driving while unfit to drive through drink.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was “a calm day” after the exhaustion of the hearing for Mr Osborn – but he said it wouldn’t last.

Sat in the office of his home in Bourne Road, Pode Hole – not far from where Mrs Osborn found Tim lying motionless by the side of the road just after midnight in September last year – he questioned whether he and his family would ever be able to move on from the tragedy that has ripped their lives apart.

He said: “We had hoped for justice at a trial and were fully prepared for it. But in the end, he (Walken) changed his plea and the day was a series of adjournments while his defence team were trying to bargain for a shorter jail sentence.

“He showed no emotion when the judge told him he was going to jail – he held all the cards and we were the ones who had to give in.

“If he had said sorry, we would still have been angry, but maybe one day we could have forgiven him. But there was no apology.

“The only compensation in not going to trial is at least we did not have to sit and listen to defence lawyers try to tarnish Tim’s name.

“But we will never get the one answer we wanted – and that is why the hell didn’t he (Walken) stop?

“Friends have suggested we try for a change in the law – but that won’t bring Tim back.”

The family have to wait until next month for sentencing. Mr Osborn said: “The sentence won’t be long enough for us. He (Walken) will one day be able to get on with his life, but we have to work out how we are going to live without Tim.

“We are so grateful for all the support we have received. Tim was a popular and fun-loving young man, but also quite private. We’ve found comfort in hearing all the amazing stories about him.”