UKIP: What does he think being an MP is?

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I would like to give a “reading between the lines” assessment on what I interpreted on the article in Spalding Guardianlast week, “UKIP moves in”.

As I don’t show allegiance to any one particular party I presume that I am the sort of person that UKIP are trying to win over and score a yes vote.

I don’t know Mr Parsons and what has happened in the past should stay in the past but reading between the lines of statements he’s made in our

paper, he’s had to resign from a very senior post within local authority, has struggled before when holding more than one office, is not very swift when

moving cash flows to local authority accounts, and doesn’t want to live in south Holland unless he’s elected.

What exactly does he think holding the role of an elected MP is because at the moment he is certainly not giving me confidence.

By the way, doesn’t the present MP Mr John Hayes, to quote, “have a lot on” and yet finds the time to mingle with the local events year in year out and be a saviour for troubled inhabitants of his constituency, of which he ALREADY LIVES IN in their hour of need.

Roly Hare

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