UKIP man pays last of the ‘bill’ owed to his former council

David Parsons with wife Elizabeth, UKIP leader Nigel Farage and MEP Roger Helmer.
David Parsons with wife Elizabeth, UKIP leader Nigel Farage and MEP Roger Helmer.
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UKIP’s parliamentary candidate in South Holland has now paid off the final outstanding amount of £660 owed to his former council, which had originally billed him for a total of £3,670 for inappropriate use of its chauffeur driven car.

Leicestershire County Council says David Parsons used the car “inappropriately on 28 occasions”.

A council spokesman said: “This amounted to £3,670. A court order was obtained this autumn for the repayment of the final £1,500 – plus court costs.”

The spokesman said the council received the final payment from Mr Parsons on Friday.

It was a press report following Mr Parsons’ adoption as UKIP candidate for South Holland that revealed there was money still owed for use of the chauffeur driven car, but Mr Parsons said yesterday: “It’s been repaid.”

He said he had not agreed with the county council’s case but agreed to pay something.

Mr Parsons explained: “We did come to an arrangement where I would pay them some of the money back, whilst not admitting any liability, and that’s been done. I agreed in the interests of not stringing them along to pay them a sum of money, which I have done.”

Mr Parsons (64) was also censured in 2012 by a sub committee of Leicestershire County Council, where he was Tory leader, for delaying payment of travel costs, said by Leicestershire County Council to amount to £4,090, to a body called East Midlands Councils (EMC).

There was a settlement and money was repaid – Mr Parsons apologised and said it happened because he was doing “a heck of a lot of jobs at the time”.

So far as the delayed EMC payments were concerned, the county council standards sub-committee decided Mr Parsons had disregarded four key principles of public life – honesty, integrity, accountability and leadership.

But Mr Parsons said: “The body which made that allegation – which I strongly refuted – has now been abolished.”

Police inquiries into his affairs didn’t lead to a prosecution.

A spokesman for Leicestershire Police said: “Leicestershire Police carried out an investigation into financial irregularities. The Crown Prosecution Service decided there should be no further action.”

Mr Parsons said he cooperated fully with the police inquiry and “there was no evidence whatsoever of wrong doing”. He’s now focusing on campaigning.

UKIP’s chairman in South Holland, Paul Foyster, said: “I believe in giving a bloke a second chance and I think he will be a good MP. We always knew this was going to be a problem area, but he’s got such deep experience and we need people with deep experience.”