UKIP leader ‘ready to face questions’

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage has revealed he is ready to answer any questions from the residents of Spalding when he features on the panel of BBC Question Time in Boston.

The BBC One flagship political show will be broadcast from Boston High School tonight.

Mr Farage, who came to Boston in the run-up to May’s county council elections, took time out from his busy schedule to have a Question Time with the Spalding Guardian ahead of his visit...

Question: There is concern in Spalding about the impact on local jobs and services when Romanians and Bulgarians are allowed in to the country in the new year, especially with regard to slave labour. Are you aware of this?

Answer: I fear that these things are already beginning to happen in the Spalding area and across Fenland. People are coming from countries where average incomes are a mere fraction of our own and many businesses try to keep down labour costs, pushing our own people out of employment in favour of migrants, and lowering the costs of wages.

Q: Is there anything Spalding area residents can do to help the Government control the influx of migrants?

A: The simplest thing is to ensure that the impact on local services and jobs is recognised and recorded. Arguments need to be backed up by fact, so the more people turn around and say to politicians what they have experienced firsthand the better.

Q: Mr Cameron has made promises of a referendum on Europe should the Tory party be re-elected. Is it something you would be pressing for?

A: I am absolutely clear that I want to see Britain leave the EU and holding a referendum on the issue as soon as is practicable is one of the ways that it could be done. So yes, very happy to do so.

Q: Will Spalding be a target for the UKIP party electoral campaign, taking into account the area has the same problems as Boston and UKIP won surprise seats in the county council elections?

A: Spalding will certainly be one of the areas that UKIP will be working very hard in. We won seats here and hope to do so again next year. The problems facing Spalding are ones that we care deeply about.

Q: Are you expecting any questions regarding immigration in the Spalding area during Question Time?

A: It’s Question Time... the questions come in from all directions and all of them are welcome, well, most! I do my best to answer honestly whatever is thrown at me.

* Question Time from Boston will be broadcast on BBC 1 at 10.35pm.