UKIP: Is this really the best they could do?

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I read with increasingly incredulity in last week’s Spalding Guardian the article about the UKIP candidate for the South Holland and the Deepings seat in the general election. Is David Parsons really the best they could do?

A very quick internet search reveals a number of scandals and complaints about Mr Parsons, and I encourage readers to do their own research on this man’s past.

One notable finding is that the Taxpayers’ Alliance gave Mr Parsons their award for being ‘Pinhead of the Month’ for June 2012 – and he came runner up in their annual ‘Pinhead of the Year’ listing that year. All due to his dubious record on expenses – which include taking a chauffeur driven car to London rather than the train.

I’ve never voted Conservative before, but might break the habit of a lifetime in 2015 if it means being sure that I’m not represented in Westminster by someone who is already a figure of ridicule in the nation’s press.

I may not agree with all of John Hayes’ views, but he is an honest, hard-working MP with local interests at heart – not to mention influence in our nation’s government.

Dave Briggs