Two-thirds of current smokers want to quit the habit for good

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AS part of No Smoking Day on March 11 Lincolnshire Community Health Service NHS Trust has provided this fact-file on smoking:

* Nationally, two-thirds of current smokers say that they want to quit smoking, with three-quarters reporting that they have attempted to quit smoking at some point in the past.

* Smoking prevalence continues to fall decade by decade, but Lincolnshire’s smoking prevalence of 21 per cent is still higher than England and the East Midlands’ average of 20 per cent.

* Within Lincolnshire’s routine and manual occupational groups, smoking prevalence is higher still at 33.5 per cent compared to 30.3 per cent and 29.5 per cent respectively.

* Smoking prevalence is higher in areas such as Lincoln City, Boston and East Lindsey, areas with higher deprivation and greater health inequalities than other parts of the county.

These are further exacerbated by smoking and associated ill-health.

* The success rate of smokers once into the service continues to remain high with over 54 per cent still not smoking when measured at four weeks.

* Some 12,076 smokers have successfully quit smoking using Phoenix in the past two years, with 22,108 attempting to quit and setting a quit date.

* Based on current population figures, Lincolnshire has in excess of 130,000 adult smokers.

* Smokers are four times more likely to quit smoking if they access help from a stop smoking service rather than trying to quit on their own, and the Phoenix quit rate of 54 per cent is in excess of national expectation.