Two special people

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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By Rev Steve Weatherly-Barton, Gosberton Baptist Church and Chaplain, Johnson Community Hospital

Anita is a tiny young lady but her job requires great physical strength. She has to do many things that you or I could hardly bear to do, and she works very long hours, efficiently and devotedly. She is a nurse.

Stan has been working all summer on the land and in commercial greenhouses. He too has worked long hours, yet sometimes on his way home to his lodgings he has knocked at our door. ‘Please, can I help you with your garden – I love to work!’ And how he works! He’s honest too. One day he found a wallet lying in the road. He brought it to me so I could return it to its owner. He has been to our church on a couple of Sundays when he had time. He’s gone home now. We really miss him.

But Anita and Stan are not their real names. ‘Anita’ is Polish. ‘Stan’ is really Slavomir. He was born in Romania, and is studying medicine in Prague. Eastern Europeans, both of them – the ones that some people want to kick out of Britain. But one day your life might be in their hands.