TV presenter Robin Page to open Pinchbeck event

Robin Page ANL-161027-135512001
Robin Page ANL-161027-135512001
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Writer, agitator and chairman of the Countryside Restoration Trust Robin Page is opening the South Holland Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust annual coffee morning next week.

The event will be held at Pinchbeck Church Hall at 10am on Saturday, November 12.

You do not have to be a member of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to come to the morning, where there will be fresh vegetables, wild bird food, Christmas cards, Christmas gifts and wildlife quizzes.

Many will know Robin from his days of presenting the television programme ‘One Man and his Dog’ or from his writing in the Weekend section of the Daily Telegraph where he would regularly slate various people and organisations who do not do enough for the countryside.

He has continued those writings in the Countryman which is a weekly publication.

It was in 1993 when Robin went to the RSPB to talk about wildlife on farms but he says he was shown the door and told that the future of wildlife was on nature reserves.

So he decided to start his own organisation (which he called The Countryside Restoration Trust) and prove that it was possible for wildlife and profitable farming to co-exist.

The Trust now has seven farms scattered around the country, totalling1800 acres.