Tulip Radio talk to Spalding’s police inspector

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We recently had a chance to talk to Insp Jim Tyner, community police inspector for Spalding, as well as PC Andrew Mitchell, community beat manager for the town centre.

Andrew told us how much he has enjoyed his time back on the beat since his appointment just over a year ago. Both Andrew and Jim agreed that one of the most contentious issues, that of street drinking around the town, has been drastically reduced over the last couple of years and, with a few exceptions, members of the public rarely contact them about this.

Jim told us of the chief constable’s concerns about the level of cuts likely to be imposed on Lincolnshire Police as part of the Government’s drive to cut public service costs. Jim explained that Lincolnshire Police had less funding per head than many other police forces but was one of the most efficient in the country in terms of getting officers out on the beat. The chief constable feels, and Jim agrees, that the new cuts, if implemented in their current form, will reduce the capability level of our local police force to one which would be barely viable, nor fit for service. Since Lincolnshire is the second largest county in England with many remote communities, this could be a worrying scenario. Hear the interview on the podcast at: www.tulip-radio.co.uk