Trish Takes Five: Walking really is good for the soul - by Trish Burgess

Blogger Trish Burgess.
Blogger Trish Burgess.
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Have you been watching the BBC programme The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs?

Dr Chris van Tulleken is on a mission to reduce our reliance on pills.

Caffe Aurora makes the perfect stop-off during a walk.

Caffe Aurora makes the perfect stop-off during a walk.

I was watching a couple of weeks ago and noticed significant improvements in the health of a small group of patients who had been members of a regular walking group.

My husband takes regular exercise by playing volleyball but my own efforts at removing myself from behind the desk are sporadic, at best.

With this in mind, I suggested to Dougie the other morning that we have a brisk walk into Holbeach.

It would be good for losing weight, lowering blood pressure and improving our mood, according to Dr Chris.

We enjoyed the walk, stopping to admire the flowers and the carved tree stump in the church grounds, then kept walking through town until I spotted Caffè Aurora.

I had visited this fabulous coffee shop a few weeks previously with a friend who had recommended it. Time to try it out with hubby in tow.

If you’ve never popped in, then you won’t know that this little gem in Holbeach serves the tastiest Italian coffee and the most delicious cakes.

Dougie chose his default snack, a cheese scone, which was served warmed.

I started drooling over a number of cakes behind the glass cabinet and plumped for a chocolate brownie cake.

We took a table by the window and sat on a rich purple upholstered sofa.

The coffee and cakes arrived with a friendly smile and a chat with owner, Cormac O’Hara. The experience was so good, we vowed to make this a regular thing.

As we walked back down the High Street, I was feeling very chipper, so suggested we drop into Toto, the shoe shop on the corner.

I spent a happy half-hour trying things on before leaving with a pair of leather sandals and some cosy pink slippers.

When we returned home, I announced that this walking lark was a very good idea.

Dougie looked at me, laden with goodies and with traces of chocolate on the corner of my mouth and said, “Well it’s improved your mood, which is a good thing, but if we keep stopping for coffee and cake, I don’t think we’ll be losing any weight.”

“That’s true,” I replied. “Although there is something that’s a little lighter ... your wallet.”

I can’t wait for our next walk.