Trish Takes Five: My man’s a master at packing

Spalding blogger Trish Burgess.
Spalding blogger Trish Burgess.
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When planning and preparing for the family’s holiday, who do you think does most of the work: men or women?

According to a new YouGov survey, women do the lion’s share of chores in the run up to a holiday.

Over a third of women with children in the household do all the family packing, compared to six per cent of men.

The survey also shows that women do most of the research with regard to where to go, with men apparently more involved in the macho elements of holiday preparation.

They don’t want to be fussed with buying sun cream and travel wash when they can weigh up the exciting options available when booking the hire car.

Interesting reading, but in the Burgess household, it’s quite a different story.

Yes, I admit I do most of the planning, but then, as a travel blogger, that’s kind of my job and I’m at home, with more time to dedicate to the task.

As for packing, this is when my organised husband comes up trumps.

I will pull out clothes from cupboards and drawers, leave them on the spare bed and Dougie takes over. It’s quite something to watch the master at work.

He begins by splitting the clothes between cases so that each member of the family will have some clothes if one case is lost.

He lays out trousers, places folded shirts and T-shirts at the waist end of the trouser pile, then rolls up the whole bundle, using the legs. Underwear is squirrelled away in any gaps, shoes placed along the sides.

He can be there for some time readjusting the bundles, ensuring equal weights, keeping it all neat. It all works very well until he decides to take things out in order to re-pack them.

There was a very memorable weekend break when I discovered that none of my knickers were in the case. I wasn’t best pleased.

A few months later, having not learned from this experience, he left out all of his own undies.

Dougie is also the protector of the passports. He can’t trust me with any of the vital documents as he knows that my handbag has certain properties reminiscent of Mary Poppins’ capacious carpet-bag.

I put my hand in to retrieve something and who knows what will come out: sweets, old hankies, a hat stand?

This is when Dougie’s man-bag comes to the rescue – tickets, passports and EHIC cards, all have their place.

A man who does the packing and looks after the documents is to be cherished. And for anyone who’s wondering – I’m not lending him out any time soon.