Tributes for a man of faith and music in South Holland

INSPIRING FIGURE: Peter Vance who taught generations of children and young people to love music. Photo supplied.

Warm tributes have been paid to a music teacher from Pinchbeck who guided generations of children and young people in how to play orchestral instruments.

A celebration of the life of Peter Case (71), who died of oesophageal cancer on January 7, took place at South Lincolnshire Crematorium in Surfleet on Tuesday.

Peter Case was a man of strong Christian faith which permeated his life, work and relationships with people

David Jones, chairman of South Holland Concerts

Mr Case, who is survived by wife Bridget, two children, three grandchildren and a step-grandchild, worked for Lincolnshire Music Services where he taught students the clarinet, flute, oboe and saxaphone.

He was also secretary of South Holland Concerts, helping to organise an annual series of classical music recitals in Spalding, leader of a children’s choir at St Mary’s Church, Pinchbeck, and an active member of Peterborough Cathedral.

David Jones, chairman of South Holland Concerts, said: “Peter had a strong Christian faith which permeated his life, work and relationships with people.

“He was always smiling, welcoming and encouraging, an outstanding parent to his daughter Elizabeth and son Charles, giving them their love of music, their faith and making them wonderfully confident and articulate human beings.

“Peter was the secretary of South Holland Concerts for many years and wrote some of the best programme notes I’ve ever seen, leaving the musicians themselves with hardly anything to add.

“He gave Spalding a great reputation within the performers’ network and he was thoroughly kind, an old-fashioned English gentleman and able to engage with people on many levels.”

Alex Howman, director of music at Spalding Grammar School, said: “I can still vividly recall the first time I met Peter Case.

“I was eight years old and a member of my primary school’s recorder group which was why I was allowed to ‘have a go’ on some woodwind instruments.

“The gentleman in charge of this trial was Peter Case who introduced himself by saying: ‘My name is easy to remember as I carry lots of cases’, accompanied by his trademark smile.

“In those cases were, of course, the instruments that were soon to play a hugely important role in my life, and still do today.

“After several clarinet lessons, music service concerts, solo and ensemble recitals, graded exams (always diligently accompanied on the piano by Mrs Case) and a music degree, I am now fortunate enough to be the Director of Music at Spalding Grammar School, a career path that I may never have taken if it wasn’t for Peter.

“He was a supportive and inspiring teacher, with an infectious love of music, and there is no doubt that he had a huge impact on the musical lives of many people.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have been one of them and I owe Peter a lot for which I will always be thankful, particularly for the time and dedication that he spent helping me to enhance and develop what is now an essential part of my life.”

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