Tribute to a ‘practically perfect’ mum

BRILLIANT MUM: Amanda Puttick
BRILLIANT MUM: Amanda Puttick
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Donington’s great champion Amanda Puttick, the former district council leader who died on Saturday, was looking forward to giving her daughter away in a wedding ceremony later this year.

Amy Puttick (31), who lives in Branston, near Lincoln, will marry Colin Tyte at Stamford Register Office in October – while holding on to cherished memories of the “practically perfect” mum who gave her two daughters an amazing childhood.

“She was going to walk me down the aisle,” said Amy. “She was going to be a massive part of the day. We were going to have similar dresses and we were going to have our hair done in the same way. Apart from my partner, she was going to be the biggest part of the day. There are no words to describe how much I am going to miss her.”

Amanda (57) had been seriously ill since 2000, developing heart failure and then kidney failure, and collapsed at home in Spalding after suffering a stroke on Monday of last week.

Amy and her sister Abigail Palmer (29) – and Abigail’s three children – were Amanda’s world.

Fall-outs between mum and daughters were impossible.

Amy said: “She would say ‘you can’t have a go at me, I am like Mary Poppins – I am practically perfect in every way!’ Her sense of humour was just brilliant.”

Amanda remained a councillor for Donington, Quadring and Gosberton at the time she died. She was first elected in 1999 after MP John Hayes described her as “feisty” because he admired the fight she put up to get recognition for Abigail who suffered from dyslexia and was struggling at school in Quadring.

Amanda was a driving force behind IDEA (Improving the Donington Environment for All) and the group will benefit from donations given at her funeral service along with The British Heart Foundation and Boston’s dialysis unit.

Amy said Amanda hid her illness from most people and carried on with her council work until physically unable to do it.

She was on dialysis three days a week but told the family it was a chance to watch TV and catch up with her soaps.

Amanda leaves family including her mum and dad, Brenda and Bob Cherry, sister Victoria Mitchell and brother Chris Cherry. The funeral is at 2pm on Monday, February 23, at the South Lincolnshire Crematorium, Surfleet.