Work to begin to widen junction

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DRIVERS are facing three months of misery as roadworks begin to improve a busy Spalding junction.

Temporary traffic lights will be in place and Woolram Wygate will be closed between the railway crossing and its junction with Pinchbeck Road from next Monday until November 18 – a total of 13 weeks.

South Holland district councillor Christine Lawton, who represenets the Wygate ward, said the roadworks would be “very inconvenient” for motorists, but would be beneficial in the long-run.

She said: “We have really wanted this junction sorted out of for a long time.

“The roadworks are not going to be good news for drivers.

“It’s unfortunate that people are going to be inconvenienced but in the long term it will hopefully make things much better.”

The roadworks will see Pinchbeck Road widened to three lanes in each direction, with a new filter light installed for traffic turning right into Woolram Wygate.

Woolram Wygate will also see the addition of separate lanes for traffic turning left and right onto Pinchbeck Road.

During the roadworks, traffic will be diverted along Park Road and Pennygate.

It is also expected that a section of Pinchbeck Road will also need to be closed on two Sundays in either October or November for resurfacing to be carried out.

It is hoped the works will meet conditions imposed on the Wygate Park housing development, which stated that improvements should have been made to the junction before the 66th home was occupied.

Although improvements at the junction have been welcomed by many who hope it will ease traffic congestion, a cyclists’ action group has said it is disappointed more was not done to make the junction more bicycle-friendly.

Pedals spokesman Roger Smith said: “We understand there is a problem for motorists at that junction but the situation could have been made better for cyclists at the same time as improving it for people in cars.

“That is particularly true at a time when everyone, including Lincolnshire County Council, is striving to persuade people to use their cars less for short journeys.”