UPDATE: Air ambulance called in error

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Friday 12.10pm: It’s materialised that the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance was called in error this morning to an accident which happened last night.

Police say an ambucopter was asked to attend an incident in Gedney Hill.

A black Astra was partially submerged in water at around 7.15pm on Thursday.

It’s believed the mix-up may have been because the car involved was still in situ this morning and was reported to police at 8.36am.

It’s unclear as yet whether the helicopter actually made it to the scene or not.

There were no injuries reported from the accident.

Friday, 9.10am: THE air ambulance has been dispatched to the scene of a car crash in Gedney Hill.

A black Astra is believed to have left the B1166 in the village at 8.36am and ended up in a ditch.