Torched A16 road safety cameras stay out of use

The burnt-out road safety camera on the A16 Spalding bypass.
The burnt-out road safety camera on the A16 Spalding bypass.
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TWO burnt-out road safety cameras in south Lincolnshire will not be repaired for the forseeable future.

A camera on the A16 near Sutterton has been left damaged for some time, while someone set fire to one on the A16 Spalding bypass on Sunday night.

John Siddle, communications manager for the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said the partnership wants to replace the county’s cameras in a £600,000 scheme but is waiting for the plan to be ratified by Lincolnshire County Council.

He said: “The partnership is one of the things under threat due to the Government cuts so at the moment I can’t say whether it’s safe or not.

“Before the cuts were announced we were moving to a digital upgrade of all the cameras.

“The new ones are completely different and are more resistible to damage.

“Currently speeding motorists get flashed by the cameras and set fire to them to destroy the evidence.

“These new cameras work on a data link and immediately send the information to a central office so burning the camera won’t get rid of the evidence.

“In fact we will be able to see the last vehicle that was caught on the camera and the time it stopped working to help us prosecute the culprit.

“We are working on others ways of apprehending the people who do this and although we have not had a conviction in the past we are hoping to get some very soon.”

The scheme will not see any new cameras on the county’s road, just replacing existing ones, although this could take some time.

Mr Siddle added: “We have £600,000 set aside for the upgrade but it would have been wrong for us to start the scheme while the partnership is under threat.”

The Road Safety Partnership’s new business plan will be considered by the county council at a meeting in February but it will have to wait and see if the full extent of the Government cuts has an effect.