Slow down or someone will die – resident

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An angry Crowland resident is warning that a road accident outside his home this week is proof that motorists are ignoring a 30mph speed limit currently in place.

Barry Jackson (44), of Thorney Road, said an accident there on Monday which left a woman needing hospital treatment after she was struck by a car was evidence that speed calming measures were needed.

Mr Jackson claimed motorists were regularly breaking the speed limit on the road and that he had spent the last 10 years fighting for speed humps to be put in place.

He said: “It’s been a nightmare living down here and I’ve banned my seven-year-old son from cycling on the road because drivers are regularly speeding.

“There’s supposed to be a 30mph speed limit, but cars are doing 50 or 60 mph and the residents are disgusted with it.”

Mr Jackson said he hoped the accident would make police and county highways officials take his and other residents’ complaints more seriously before someone is killed.

He added: “Anyone you speak to down here will say the speeding on Thorney Road is a joke and I hope the accident will make Lincolnshire County Council and the police do something about it.”

Police are asking for information about the accident which happened at about 9.40pm on Monday when a 47-year-old woman was struck on the elbow by a silver car which then drove off.

She was treated in hospital for minor injuries and has now been discharged.

A police spokeswoman said: “The driver of the car may not know the collision occurred and anyone who was driving in the area on Monday night should call the police on 101, quoting incident number 468 of November 5.