Roadworks lead to A17 dustbowl

Martyn Allen, network and development manager for highways at Lincolnshire County Council.
Martyn Allen, network and development manager for highways at Lincolnshire County Council.
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Drivers using the A17 have blamed county highways officers for hazardous road conditions that left them driving through “fog and mess”.

Resurfacing work on the A17 between Holbeach and Long Sutton, which ended on Sunday, caused drivers to hit out at Lincolnsh ire County Council for turning the A17 into a “deathtrap” at times during the week.

A council highways officer blamed loose chippings from the re-laid road and added that a temporary 20mph speed limit had been in place during the works. But a post on our Lincolnshire Free Press Facebook page from Yvonne Shooter said: “The A17 at Gedney was a terrible mess with the resurfacing work. I rang highways to complain that it was worse than fog, a terrible mess and a deathtrap for two-wheel vehicles with the dust.”

Another post from John Belsham added: “It brought back memories of the work on the A17 from Sutterton to Holbeach last year where homes were covered in dust, cars damaged and two-wheel riders unable to use the road. I really thought (the council) would have learned and done the job properly.

Martyn Allen, network and development manager for Lincolnshire County Council, said: “When we surface-dress a road, we carry out a light suction sweep immediately after the works to remove many of the loose chippings. Unfortunately, there was some excess dust created during resurfacing works on the A17 near Gedney and we were unable to carry out a full sweep immediately as it would have caused damage to the new surface.

“It seems a combination of HGVs using the road and many of them not adhering to the 20mph speed limit created a grinding effect between the loose chippings embedded in the road surface which generated the excess dust.”